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Best and Affordable Fashions Outlet In Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt, popularly known as the Garden City is one of the biggest cities in Nigeria. Being the capital city of River State, it has a lot of industries, businesses and companies. The development in Port Harcourt has attracted a lot of people which include foreigners.
And we at Positive Fashions noticed the need to solve a major problem for everyone living in Port Harcourt City. In fact, we have expanded our helping hand to all inhabitants of Port Harcourt.

We have opened a fashion outlet at Agip Road Port Harcourt and we are determined to provide you with more of the services listed below:

·All kinds of International Dresses üSuits üTrousers üT-shirts üJackets
·All kinds of Local Dresses üSenate Wears üEtibos üAll native wears for any ethnic group

The best part of it all is that we are providing Dresses and clothing for everyone: that is to say; we are providing male outwears and female outwears as well. Do you know?
We also create custom outfits. All we need from you is your measuremen…


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Blackberry Keytwo--------220k
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Samsung  Note 8 dual---------190k
Samsung S9 + dual gold-------------230k
Samsung S9----------203k
Sam Note 8 dual 256gb-
Samsung S8 plus ---'@158k
Samsung S8 dual sim---------147k
Samsung S7 edge dual--------
Samsung A7-20---------------89k
Samsung A5-20---------------k
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